Monday, April 26, 2010

Bean Bag Board

Saturday I brought a few of my power tools and my two little misters over to my parents house. Using extra wood I had on hand from previous projects my father and I started to brainstorm a couple of bean bag board designs. We used misc objects as templates for the holes we would cut using the jigsaw. Meanwhile my mother, bless her heart, graciously watched the boys while we worked.

These two need to be sanded, stained or painted yet but they can be played with the bean bags similar to a game of horse shoes. One on each end of the lawn, or putting them side by side creates a big four hole game board.

The other board, which I fully intend on keeping for myself, has three different shaped holes for a little bit of a challenge. The triangle is deceptively hard to get the bags through. The two pegs on the back (a cut broom handle) I designed for a bonus ring toss. Two games in one board- fantastic. I'm super excited to find a few rings and get playing.

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