Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Toddler Bed

Last Fall I started building Little Man O his new toddler bed in preparation for the new baby on the way. I wasn't able to finish it before the Baby belly interfered with the bed's completion. Now that Click is here and is rapidly growing out of the bassinet, I needed to get the Toddler Bed wrapped up. Plus I hate leaving projects incomplete.

The back hinged section is for hand me down storage, clothes Little man has out grown but that I need to save for Click's eventual use. My all time favorite clothes or blanket storage containers are these vacuum sealed canvas boxes, I can fit two in the bed. We bought a new mattress but all the black toy boxes we already had, and planned the shelf spacing around them.

I just have to stain it, and possibly build two drawers.
Once the weather warms up, I can do that outdoors.

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