Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A quilt for Click

Baby Click needs his own quilt and I found the same material as Little Man O's quilt- just different colors in the pattern. My sister is getting ready to make a quilt for her baby and has been sharing a lot of different designs she's interested in trying. I got all fired up looking at all the choices that are out there.

I jumped right into making a variety of log cabin squares. The fabrics I started putting together I'm not sure I like now that I see them this way. I continued making squares in attempt to see which combination of fabrics I liked the best. These four squares are currently my favorite.

I think I'll keep practicing and prefectly my log cabins. If I get too many squares made I can choose my favorites for Click's Quilt and use the extras for a second give away quilt. It's a win, win situation.

1 comment:

J&M said...

They all look SUPER Fablulous to me! Can not wait to see the project completed. Thanks for always being such a inspiration and motivator. (I so need that)

You are like my craft trainer - always inspiring me to want to make more, Thanks!