Saturday, February 6, 2010


Little Man O was so THRILLED to use paints with the hand heart project, we made a few more hearts. The hand prints didn't turn out so perfect the second, third, or even fifth try so I used a punch to cut out a heart pattern around the hand prints. That way people receiving these cards would understand it was supposed to be a heart.

We'll be sending these out to the grandparents really soon, just to tell them we love them very much. Why wait for Valentines day, right?

I also had the chance to make Baby Shower invites for my twin sister who'll be having her baby in the next couple of months. We're so excited to have yet another cousin to play with.


shana said...

I have that same paper that you used on Mick's invites. So cute . . . thanks for letting me hold the little guy for a while last night. what a sweetie!

J&M said...

These invites turned out super cute! It is in the baby memory book.