Sunday, January 24, 2010

Profile Project

I took a photo of Little Man O's profile the other day and decided to play around making one of those old time silhouette things. I took a profile photo of Click as well and started playing around in a few different computer programs to get the look I wanted. This is just a start but I like the way it's coming along. Any thoughts to improve it will be happily accepted.


Connie said...

My very favorite books, next to Snip, Snap,Snr (well you get the idea) we illistrated with the silhouettes. I loved them. You have done a fantastic job! I will make one suggestion, and please ignore it if you wish, it needs a few wisps of hair.
You are so talented. I love watching to see what you decide to make next.

Star Graf Design said...

hair... that's a good idea, I'd never have thought of that. Thanks for the input!