Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Creature Flashcards

Little man O is big into memorizing lately. I had already taught him a few new saying that went with his Halloween costume. Why? don't ask me... but it was fun.

Since he'd already memorized what these folklore creatures say I thought I'd put a picture with the creatures, so he could associate them by sight as well. I used sayings I knew from a famous movie (Disney's Snow White): "a Dwarf says Heigh Ho", a beloved story (Jack and the Bean Stalk): "a Giant says Fee Fi Fo Fum", a good old Swedish saying: "a Tomte says Uffda", a TV commercial: "a Gnome says Dot Com" (yes, I did figure out that the gnome is from Travelocity and the "dot com" comes from Expedia's commercial- but they're both travel sites; I couldn't think of anything a gnome really says). O and I made up the last saying "a Troll says Boom Crash".

I have no drawing talent so I stole art work from amazing artists that I admire and what I could find on the Internet. I'm not going to sell these or duplicate them and I gave credit to the artists on each of the cards. Artists like Niamh Sharkey, and John Bauer.

O already loves to "read" these and tell us what is on each of the cards.

Ps. There is a difference between a Tomte and a Gnome even though most illustrations depict them in very similar fashion. A tomte is a mythical creature from Swedish folklore who dwells in the farmhouse and watches over the home & those who live within. A Gnome is a mythical creature who lives in the forest and protects all the wildlife.

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