Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Power Tools

Oh man, I am so super excited to dust off all my power tools and work on a big WOODWORKING project. I've designed a storage unit for Little Man O's room. On top on the storage unit will be a bed tray type thingy. That might not make much sense but it's going to be fantastic.

Plus it's custom built and will fit all his existing storage boxes. Eventually I'll add some drawers as well (my first time building a drawer). OH BOY, I'm ecstatic.

I set up an impromptu workshop on the patio this morning and started sanding, cutting, drilling and gluing. I'm going to turn this pile of wood into functional art. Not that I'm the most wonderful of wood crafters, I improvise quite often. But I love trying, a job well done and I enjoy the smell of fresh cut wood. I also like the idea of having a fun new piece of furniture that can be used for quite some time, even after kids grow up!

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Mormor/Nana & MorFar/Papa said...

AND for your mother, I thank God for your uncle Tom who gave you that love for creating things from wood. AND for you dad who fostered and encouraged that love. Keep creating, what you do is fantastic.