Sunday, September 20, 2009

Finished Striped Blankets

I've discovered that being lazy doesn't mean I can't be productive. As I lay all relaxed and comfy on the couch I break out the knitting. I thought this blanket would take forever to finish but it wasn't that long ago that I wrote this blog post. Now Little man O has a similar, almost matching blanket to the new Baby's blanket. O's blanket is 34"x40" finished dimensions, where the baby's is only 24"x23".

Oh yeah, the colors I used are as follows (in order from the red to the brown):
Sealing Wax, Polar morn, Olive, Glazed carrot, Natural, Bobby blue, Pollen and Marron oscuro.
From Malabrigo Yarn, worsted kettle dyed pure merino wool.

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