Saturday, September 12, 2009

Does it count?

I spent the day making a Home inventory list. It sounds boring and or slightly crazy, I know. But does it count as a "project" if it took a majority of my afternoon to complete and I'm sort of proud/ relieved to have it done?

I started by going through some old paper work that I realized was completely useless to keep and having it laying around was really getting on my nerves. So I used my paper shredder to destroy every slip of paper that was being tossed. Doing this freed up a ton of space in our tiny little safe which got me thinking of all the things we were going to store in the fireproof safe when we bought it but never got around to it.

I put all my wedding photos, burned a copy of every single Little Man O photo I've taken(5 DVD's worth), a few valuables (which aren't really worth much except sentimentally) and misc records on everyone living in the house.

Which leads me to my Home Inventory List. I ran around taking a ton of pictures, writing down a few serial and model numbers. Whew, that was a chore. But I'm glad to be done with it. Not that I fear us ever having a fire and losing everything (but you never know). I sure hope when they say "fire proof" they mean it- otherwise my day was in vain.

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