Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Butterfly Bath Towel

I love handmade gifts; so when my cousin Beth asked for my help making a Bath Towel for the little girl she nannies, I said come on over!

We jumped right in, having a vague idea of the end result lingering in our mind eye. Beth had seen a butterfly towel wrap that she wanted to somewhat re-create. I having not seen it, attempted to see it how she described it.

I think our teamwork and verbal communication worked well. We got the material all cut out and arranged. While I sewed it together, she and little man O laughed and played to their hearts content. It was music to my ears. Then before she left, I made her be my model. (The hood could have been smaller, but give me a break- it was my first hooded bath towel.)

In total, I believe she paid about $5 for the bath and hand towel. The colored material we used came from my scrap pile. Not bad, if I do say so myself.

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shana said...

I've never actually made a hooded towel myself . . . I'm not good with fabric, just paper, don't even own a sewing machine. But, my mom has made one and I think if you use a washcloth for the hood instead of a hand towel it comes out splendidly! That one is super cute though. See you soon!