Saturday, July 11, 2009

Project Flashback: shadow boxes

When preparing to move into my first home, I knew I wanted to make some shadow boxes that would hold all my picture frames and travel knickknacks. I wrote down all the frames that I wanted put up and how big they were to start designing for my needs.

I used quarter inch thick birch plywood for the boxes and particle board for the backing. I am pretty lucky to have an Uncle who lets me borrow his power tools every once in a while- so I used wood glue and his brad-nailer to staple all the boxes together.

I love the finished project and it reminds me everyday of all the places all over the world I've been privileged to visit.

I also have a pretty extensive collection of travel journals I've written while visiting other countries, which are currently hiding in a box for lack of a better place for them.

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Kjersten said...

Ooooo, Travel journals!!! I want to see those sometime. I love this project, Margaret!

I hang up plate hangers on my wall to display a lot of my travel journals. I rotate them. It's a fun way to display them and have them out to browse, show to friends, etc. I'll put a post up about the plate holders sometime on my art blog.

I love this collage wall.