Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Project Flashback: 9 square bookshelf

Like so many of my projects, I found this one in a magazine and wanted very much to make it. Looking back at my design notebook where I make all the measurements and notes for how much wood will be needed- I noticed I had several options. But I loved the one I first saw in the Mag the best. I put a few twists of my own in its construction.

I gave the four outer corners finger joints for added stability. (Of course I didn't have the proper tools for the job and used a old router and a wood file to make the joints match up) To ensure that the shelves would not sag I jointed them together like a puzzle- notice the very bottom red funky rectangles. Those are the four inner pieces of wood- which are only held together by the notches and wood glue- that and a few screws through the outside pieces.

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