Monday, May 11, 2009

My crafty heritage

My Nana (my mother's mother) was a very crafty person. She had 7 children who all have very unique craftiness of their own. With several aunts and uncles, each of whom have taught me a little of their craft, I've learned: Pottery, woodworking, knitting, card making, a little painting, quilting/ sewing, cooking/ baking, and most importantly to never be afraid to learn something new (no matter how old you are).

Every time we went to Nana's house she would be working on another project. Usually my sisters and I were able to craft along side her, normally taking home a finished or almost finished craft from each visit. Maybe she knew by teaching us crafts we would be calmer, more focused during our visit rather than bouncing off the walls bored out of our minds. Or maybe she loved crafting so much that she enjoyed passing it on to others. Either way I'm eternally grateful.

When I became a mother, the first six months of my son's life my projects went on hold because I devoted myself to his daily care. Slowly I realized that I missed my crafts and the sense of accomplishment they gave me. In my quest to be a great mother I forgot that I needed to take time for myself to better love the time I spend with him.

Now I craft and play with more joy.

I hope to pass on the love of crafting and the legacy of my Nana to my children.


Kjersten said...

Yay for Grandma! She was the ultimate Crafty Lady. I'm grateful for her legacy too.

KC's #1 Fan! said...

That was a fantastic post!! I have all sorts of crafty goodness from Grandma around here - glad she was though or we would have all turned out differently I am sure!