Thursday, April 9, 2009

Whirly Gig 100% Scrap quilt

I started this quilt last week. Of course, it's not a very big quilt and the blocks were simple enough that it went together very quickly. Finished dimensions are 33"x 43". There's no rhyme or reason to my quilt sizes.

I started it because I wanted to try this Whirly gig pattern, and I still had left over scrap material from O's Christmas quilt to play around with. (I think I've finally used up the last of that.)

Let me just say that, personally, I think it turned out AWESOME!! I messed around a little bit with the back of it so that it wasn't just a big plain blue blanket. The backing is better than any material I would have found at the fabric store- that's how fantastic I believe it to be. The most surprising part- I didn't spend any money to make it- it's all recycled scrap material I had laying around. I even had filler for the inside- I recycled one of O's receiving blankets he never got a chance to use (he had so many). I hope you don't think me cheap for telling the truth- it's made with LOTS & LOTS of LOVE and that's priceless, right???

I ended up tying the quilt instead of quilting it because I thought it would look better. Besides, I've never tied a quilt together before and wanted to try it. I already had the yarn from my knitting project I've been working on.


Kjersten said...

Love it!

rjherron said...

Wow - you are a quilting machine! I love the pattern, how fun.

Star Graf Design said...

I just gotta Craft.
Maybe i should make myself a t-shirt that says that!

Quilt Rat said...

Simply a delight!