Friday, April 17, 2009

Project Flashback: Bench

About 5 1/2 years ago I moved into my very own house. I needed furniture but couldn't afford a lot of stuff I really liked. I saw this in a catalog and fell in love with its design.
Fortunately, I had a little time on my hands in the evenings after work, and I had enough wood working skills to attempt to duplicate it. I did not however have a ton of tools at the time. It was constructed with a hand saw, power drill, wood file, wood glue, a few dowels and a lot of elbow grease. I built it for under $20. The biggest expense was the Oak I used for the legs (The top is Pine 1x2's).

I'm very proud of it to this day. Yes I could have sanded a little more, or cleaned up the wood glue/ putty on the ends. But it's got character and a story. It fits in very well with the rest of my eclectic decor in my house.

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