Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Zig zag quilt: start

I still had left over fabric from the Christmas quilt I made for O. Wanted to use some of it up. I thought I'd make a new quilt that at least would have a different look even if it's still the same fabric. I am a little afraid of all the white getting dirty but I really like the crisp clean look it adds to all the crazy colors. I'm excited to find a fun backing material to finish it off, though I'm only a third of the way complete with the top.

Oh yea, you might have noticed I also used the leftover fabric from the messenger bag I made.


rjherron said...

Oh that is a really cool design!! - If you stare at your second picture it looks three dimensional, maybe you did that on purpose. Yeah, the white may get dirty, but that's what washing machines are for, right?

Star Graf Design said...

You've totally got me hooked. Watching you sew this weekend, I had to break it out and work on it some more. All I want is a nice long vacation to quilt up a pile of plushy, wonderful quilts.

rjherron said...

I will join you on that vacation!!!