Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Project Flashback: Fall of 2007 - Dried flowers

My most wonderful Handsome Husband, on the night we got engaged, had arranged these 160+ white roses (with a little help from my florist sister).
I dried & saved each and every one, being the sentimentally romantic person that I am. To hang them all to dry filled almost an entire 9'x10' room, and took several clothes pins and wire. I called it the flower mortuary.

I've had them stored in a couple of big boot boxes, but I wanted to display them somehow. When we were cleaning out what was to because O's nursery I decided it was time. I found these simple little frames at a craft store. I cut & tossed all the stems- which were taking up the most storage room. I just started placing the buds into the frames and was quite impressed with the finished project. I have four very full (I pinned them shut to keep them from popping open) yet attractive frames hanging in the staircase. Now each time I run up and down the stairs I can remember each amazing moment those white roses have brought into my life.

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rjherron said...

That is a pretty cool idea! I love the pictures of all of them hanging to dry.