Friday, March 27, 2009

Picture Frame

At MOPS last night the craft was painting wood frames. I'm not much of a painter, I leave that to my Handsome Husband, but I am never afraid to give it a try.

I went with a blue & brown color scheme because, frankly, I really like those colors together. The word 'dream' was already a light shade of blue which meant I could be lazy and only paint the outer edges.

I think I'd really like to give it away. So if you're interested, leave a comment describing either your favorite OR most embarrassing photo of yourself/ your child.

Weather you were having the most perfect of hair days OR you were stuck in the 70's while the rest of us were enjoying the 90's... let me know & I'll pick a lucky winner in a couple of days.


Kjersten said...

The awful free photo they took of me to put in my sr. year highschool yearbook. I didn't get my Sr. pictures taken in time for the deadline so I just went in for the free photo the school took. The picture they chose was very serious (no smile). A vein in my neck is showing, I'm ghoastly pale and I look like I'm a depressed vampire/zombie. It's just not who I was/am.

Connie said...

If there are pictures out there of me they are probably embarrassing. I much prefere being behind the camera. my mother took one of Tom and I when we were small. Mud from head to toe. The carpenters who were building the hoiuse next door left for lunch and left the hose on where they we mixing cement. Dirt, two little kids, water...what a mixture. My shirley Temple curls were plastered to my head and Tom's diaper drooped to his knees. After many cold tub scrubbing out of doors we were finaly allowed a warm bath. Many years later my own two tried to come into the house in much the same condition so of course I had to take a piucture.

shana said...

um, most anything from the mid-late 80's. i had bad hair and was especially fond of blue eyeshadow . . . and blue mascara too! yikes! i believe my 8th grade school picture is pretty much horrendous!

rjherron said...

I have a picture; but i will have to see if I can take a picture of it to post, because of course it isn't digital, I will work on that tonight.