Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Okay so it's so hard to pick a favorite and even harder to pick the most embarrassing. I love how photos capture a moment in time and that most have a story to tell.

I've looked over a few of my own and I have to say this is a good one, especially since at the same time I can expose my identical twin sister. Fortunately, I'm not embarrassed by much...Nice matching outfits!

Mom says we'd been way too quiet playing out on the front porch that she decided to come find out what mischief we were up too. These "stickers" came with a magazine subscription, we had to lick them all to make them stick.

My winner for the Picture Frame Give-away is: rjherron

She emailed me a photo of how she used to dress up when she was younger, and wrote this description:
"On my head we have an apron from Raggedy Ann doll held in place by a tennis headband, Next we have a velour patchwork shirt my mom made for me (which was a regular shirt) topped with a doll sweater used as a shawl. Then we have a frog wrap-around skirt, tights and then clogs. To complete the look we have doll socks on both of our hands"

I've posted the photo with her permission, it's pretty crazy. Lets just say, when you have a dolls apron held on your head with a tennis headband, you're bound to be having a grand ole time!
Thanks to everyone for playing!

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