Monday, March 9, 2009

Making progress

Had a WHOLE day to craft. (Thanks momadom!)
I took a vacation day from the office and my Mother watched little man O.
The Scrap pile- and then check out all those clean edges

I made some huge progress on my zigzag quilt. I got the last of the triangles cut and pieced together into squares. I had about 5 rows left to layout and sew together and the top will be done. I went shopping this weekend with my sister and found the backing material. I am in love with this quilt so much I decided I was going to keep it all to myself for a cozy reading blanket!

Ps. I learned a new trick while surfing the net. Just keep feeding things thru the sewing machine, saves thread and time. Nice. I bet you probably already knew about it.

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rjherron said...

All I can say is FUN,FUN,FUN! I am so excited to see your quilt, and I am glad that you are going to keep it for yourself:-)
I worked on my purple quilt a little more this evening...