Saturday, February 14, 2009

Year of the Handmade: Messenger Bag

If you haven't noticed- I've been creating, copying, and crafting a LOT the past couple of months. I can't get one thing done, before my mind has a huge list of fun other projects to work on. I just enjoy creating something new and useful.

Over the years I've built furniture, sewed two quilts, scrapbook, make cards, bake, cross stitch, and even tried my hand at knitting. Usually I do these things because I see something and know I want it but I feel that it could be more customized to fit my needs. "Function over form" and beauty.

In what feels like record time (approximately 5 hours here and there) I finished a messenger diaper bag. Granted I own a bag just like this but it didn't have pockets so everything was a jumble. I needed everything to have its own place. Ta da!

Technically I'm not quite finished yet because I'd like to get a zipper to make a finger puppet pocket so we won't lose any friends.

In total I've spent $11 to make this bag. I had the brown corduroy left over from O's quilt. The key clip was a Christmas present. The new material (stripes and rockets) was the $11 but I'll have left over to use in the new quilt I also started this week.

Don't even ask how I squeeze crafting and work and playtime with O into my days. I probably should play more to be honest. All I can say is it makes me a better Marmee to take a little time for myself to either craft, read or relax. So this is my Year of the Handmade!
What projects are you working on?

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