Saturday, September 13, 2008

My first "Craft Day"

I haven't exactly taken a lot of time to do things for myself.
All projects of mine have been on hold for some time.

This winter my company will be holding a Winter Bazaar. All co-workers may set up a table of arts and crafts to sell leading into the Holiday season. I was unable to participate last year, but I'm excited to have a table this year.Motivation to get back to crafting!!
Handsome graciously gave me the day to make a mess;
While he and O went to the library for a while.

I spent the day crafting birthday and holiday cards.
I got a bunch done, here's a few of my favorites:I made close to 30 cards.
Might have been more, but I had to take a few breaks to play with O.

PS. Besides these, I also need to refill my family birthday card stockpile.

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