Monday, January 26, 2015

New Library Bag

I decided it's time to stop hording fabric and deplete my stash. I have a few favorites that I've used for other things and have the scraps in my stash but wouldn't let myself use them for a project knowing once its gone, that's it- no more favorite fabric.

Then it hit me, why am I saving it, hiding it away so no one can see it. I need to make more stuff out of it if I love it. It makes me happy to see my favorite fabrics, why not be happy everyday seeing it in use?!

So I did it. I used it up. My lumberjack fabric that makes me smile. I made a new library bag with it and a new favorite of mine- these viking ships. Hooray for a new bag and smiles!

I even put a clip on the inside so I could safely hook my keys to the bag without losing them inside it.

Other things I've made with this lumberjack fabric: PJ pants for both Little Misters and a pillowcase just for me.

PS. if you're interested in making a bag and don't know how to start- here's an excellent video to walk you through a simple bag. A video by Dana at

Monday, January 19, 2015

Circle Felt Banner

What to do with all those felt circles I cut out of the felt masks for eye holes? Well make a Circle Banner, of course.


Monday, January 12, 2015

Super Hero Masks

While I was busy making all those animal masks, I made the Little Misters a few Super hero masks as well. I didn't make too many but I knew we'd need a few for their buddies next door and a couple other friends.

I made three Iron Man, Six reversible generic superhero masks...

Three Captain America:

 And two Batman masks:

Then we kept one of each and gave the rest away as Christmas Gifts. I know a handful of kids who are happy to have these new masks to play with.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Upcycled Christmas Gift Bags

Christmas Eve I started thinking about all the presents for my Little Misters I had to wrap. It wasn't a ton of stuff but I had no wrapping paper. I've been trying to avoid buying it, as it seems kind of wasteful. The last few years I've been using things I had around the house: brown packaging paper from amazon deliveries, tin foil, tissue paper, etc. This year, spur of the moment Christmas Eve morning, I plopped my boys in front of the claymation Rudolph movie and decided to sew gift bags. I had an old pair of PJ pants that I'd worn a hole in the knee, but I had saved them instead of tossing them. Don't ask me why I saved them, just seemed like I could eventually re purpose them. So I finally did.

I started by cutting off the lower legs. The cuff was already sewn and the side seams I left as is. I just had to turn it inside out to sew the cut edge together and I had two bags.

The top part of the PJ's had enough material for two more bags. I even took the tie ribbon out to use to decorate the gifts. 

Since I had more gifts to wrap than just four, I started pulling out more fabric from my stash. Stuff I'd been holding onto forever but hadn't used. I'm pretty happy to have made a good sized dent in my fabric stash. I was getting tired of storing all that fabric without have a purpose for it. 

When I put my Christmas stuff away for the year, these gift bags and ribbons went into the storage box all ready for next year. Hooray for upcycling and "going green".

Monday, December 22, 2014

one big blanket makes two

On Black Friday I bought my husband a new king sized blanket. Which meant his old blanket became an extra blanket. It could be put away and stored for some really cold night or blanket laundry day. OR it could mean two new blankets for the Little Misters.

The boys are always on board with new blankets, especially when the blankets are soft, warm and fuzzy.

I cut the king sized blanket straight down the middle. Then I grabbed two twin sized flat sheets that weren't really being used and cut them down to size. To finish I just sewed around the outer edge to stitch the sheet and blanket together.  The two new blankets are slightly skinner than a twin sized blanket, but the boys are little and only really care that they get more new stuff.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Knit Slippers

Several years ago my twin sister brought me a pair of slippers from Iceland. They're the best slippers I've ever owned because they don't make my feet super hot and sweaty. Recently, I wore a hole in the heel on the bottom of the slippers and had to figure out how to darn them back together. Which got me thinking, I should figure out how to make a new pair for when these ones eventually are beyond repair.


I looked online for knitting patterns but couldn't find a slipper pattern like mine. I decided to try my hand at recreating a pattern. It was a lot of counting and guessing but I had to try. My first attempt wasn't looking to promising... they were going to be too small for my feet. Who should walk in to see me crying over my failure but my son. He's always curious about what I make and if its for him. Then I realized I had to finish them to see if they'd fit little feet.

Sure enough they fit his feet almost perfectly. Score for him and the pattern wasn't a complete waste of my time. Hooray!

When Little Brother saw that big brother was getting a pair of slippers there was a lot of "hey, that's not fair!". Till I mentioned- "I have enough yarn to make you a pair too, what color do you want?".

He picked out yellow and they had to have a blue toe. I wasn't sure about his color choices but when they were finished I liked his better than the first pair. Sweet.

Now I just have to adjust the pattern a little bit more and test it to see if I can make a pair that will fit me. That was my initial goal after all.

At least the Little Misters ended up thrilled with their new slippers. They were even more excited about them when they discovered that the slippers slide on our hardwood floors even better than socks. 


Monday, December 8, 2014

Craft Sale Elf Hats

Along with the animal masks my husband suggested I make, my sister thought I should knit a few Elf hats. Since I couldn't sit at my sewing machine all day, knitting seemed like a lovely evening activity. I picked up four skeins of yarn from the store, put a movie in the DVD player and started a pointy elf hat.

One turned into two, and then pretty soon I had five.

I have enough yarn leftover to make a multicolored striped elf hat, but we'll see if I can get it done before the Craft Sale.

The Purple one was a little experiment. I saw this scalloped pattern on Pinterest and wondered what it would look like on the elf hats. I think it turned out pretty neat.

Turns out I did have time to finish two more hats before last Fridays Craft Sale. And I didn't end up selling any of them. So if you know of a little person who might be in want of some seriously fun head warming accessories, please contact me for purchasing.

Here are all your choices for colors. I knit them all the same size: Child/ adult small. It fits my little almost two year old nephew and my almost 7 year old son (pictured wearing the purple hat in this post).

 I might need the purple on in my size. Which color combination would you choose for yourself?