Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lego Mini-figure display case

If you have Little People who live in your home, you might have a few Legos here & there. One toy that gets played with every single day in our home are those small colorful building blocks. We haven't spent a lot of time or money "organizing" the actual bricks yet, but we have sectioned out the mini-figures pieces.

My Little Misters LOVE putting together mini-figure mismatched guys. Some of them are very entertaining. I thought it'd be fun to build a display case that they could show off and change out some of their favorite guys.

I found this black shadow box frame on sale at Michaels. I took the glass out of the front so it would be open. A trip to the Lego store was next to get a bunch of the four nubbed white square blocks. 30 bricks for the 30 people who all fit nicely in the 11x14 inch frame.

I had to look through my wood scraps to find a piece of 3/8" MDF (or particle board) to attach the lego bricks to. I wanted to make sure the bricks didn't pop off. The MDF board was perfect because it was stiff, had a smooth surface and took the applied white semi-gloss spray paint really well.

My boys are extremely happy and have been changing their guys out all day today. I love the new "art" on the walls. I have a second one that I'm making (one for each of the boys) and I'm trying a slightly different method to see which will stand the test of time. 

The two methods I tried for attaching the Lego Bricks. Both ways seem to work, but have not yet been heavily kid tested.

(1) I cut 3M command strips to fit on the side of the lego brick. It's like thick double sided tape. I thought if I used the tape- I could eventually take the bricks off the backing board. The bricks stick nicely, but are a little wiggly.

(2) the second frame, I used super glue on the legos to attach them. The bricks are stiff and the mini-figures go on & off these bricks a lot easier than with the tape.

Friday, February 14, 2014


For Valentine's day I made the Little Misters a notebook to make into their very own storybook.

It only took five sheets of 8.5" x 11" white copy paper and one heavier cardstock sheet to make a nice sized book. I folded the six sheets in half and then hand stitched them together through the fold. I also added some scrap book paper for a little pop of fun to the book covers.

I gave it to them first thing this morning and my oldest's face lit up. He told me he'd make three stories in one book. I told him I made extra, so he could make as many stories as he wanted. The youngest actually went straight to the markers and started drawing his story. He's not "writting" anything legible but he did add some "words" above this picture.

I'm excited to hear them read me their storybook when they are complete!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bikes and Lumberjacks

Remember when I told you about the little crush I had on these lumberjacks? Well, I had some left over after making my sons new PJ pants. I wondered if I should save it forever or use it somehow, but what to make?! Then I stumbled upon this color block pillow case tutorial.

Instead of solid colors, the lumberjacks got paired up next to another all time favorite fabric of mine, these bikes.  This would be pretty awesome in the boy's room, or maybe even for a father's day gift... but I'm going to be super selfish and keep it for myself!! I need a new pillowcase, one that makes me happy every time I cuddle up to sleep.

I cut my fabric 35" x 19" for both colored fabrics. I sewed the long sides together with a straight stitch, then a zig-zag stitch and ironed both of those seams flat (see the color block tutorial for photo instructions).

Then I turned the tube of fabric right side out and adjusted it so I got a little of each fabric on both sides. Iron the whole thing flat, making sure to crease the top and bottom edge of the pillow case (you won't need to sew these edges). Turn wrong side out and sew one end closed with a straight stitch and zig-zag stitch. Now turn right side out (last time I promise), turn the unfinished edge under 1/2" and iron. Then turn that edge under about 5" and iron again. Now stitch that edge, I stitched it with three lines about 1/4" apart because I liked the finished look it gives.

Fantastic, now I'm going to lay on back and have some sweet dreams about bike riding Lumberjacks!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Last Minute gift for my Mother-in-law

A couple months ago I checked out "Last-minute Fabric Gifts" by Cynthia Treen from the library. One of the projects was a Twig handled bag. I loved it and wanted to make one but didn't right away. Just before Christmas I decided to finally make it for my Mother-in-law.

I love the Twig handles. I stole one of my Little Misters "walking sticks" for the bag. I don't think they'll mind too much, they have a bazillion sticks.

I might be making another one for myself this spring. It would make a wonderful harvesting bag to carry in our veggie garden produce from the back yard.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Super Hero PJ's

My son knows all the superheros, which is interesting to me since I know very few and have never told him about them. My husband also has not shared too much about them with our oldest. But he's a curious dude and asks anyone and everyone a million questions till he finds the information he wants. Not that we've outlawed superheros from our house, we've just tried to keep commercialism to a minimum.

The other day while shopping for elastic to finish the lumberjack pajama pants I saw this vintage comic book fabric. It screamed "buy me, buy me... you know who will LOVE it". Knowing how much he already knows about Spiderman, the Hulk and others, I bought a yard to make another pair of PJ's for Little Man.

I was just finishing them when Little Man walked off the school bus and through the front door. I told him I was making him a pair of pants, and asked what he thought. He beamed his bright smile at me, said he was excited to try them on and gave me a HUGE hug & kiss when he said "THANK YOU for making these for me!". What more can I ask, it made my day to be so unexpectedly appreciated.

The best part was a few days later when visiting his Grandma. He pulled his superhero pants on and showed them to her. His words were "my mom doesn't typically buy this kind of fabric, but she made these for me".

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Lumberjack PJ pants

I got a new pattern for Christmas (the parsley pant pattern by Rae). I was so excited I splurged on the cutest lumberjack fabric ever! I think I have a small crush on these adorable lumberjacks.

Using this pattern, I was able to quickly put together two pairs of pajama pants. I made them both in a size 7, but hemmed the white pair several inches shorter for my younger son. Around the waist he and my oldest are about the same size, only length of leg vary between my boys.

The pattern shows different pocket options as well as knee pads. I'm fixing pants right and left with ripped knees, so I was certain I'd add these cute knee pads now rather than later.

I couldn't wait to give these to my Little Misters on Christmas eve so they can wear them Christmas morning.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Felt Animal Mask

While making a Christmas wish list of wonderful gift ideas for my little misters, I stumbled upon some fun felt animal masks on Etsy. I don't have buckets of money, but do have two crafty hands.

In total I spent the majority of three days, using $15 in materials and made 17 cute animal masks. Once I got started, I couldn't quite stop myself from making "just one more".

Unfortunately, only two are my original design. The others I copied or slightly changed because the original artist did an amazing job with her design. I feel a bit guilty for coping others, but won't be selling these- only giving them away as presents. 

My two sons and my niece & nephew were smitten with all of them. They each had a hard time decided which was their favorite. So we tried them all on.

I'm very excited about these masks. They are going to make fantastic Christmas gifts for many of the small people in our lives. Nieces, nephews, neighbors and cousins. My Little misters carefully picked who would like which mask.

All now sit wrapped and waiting under our tree till next week. I can't wait!!

(A big thank you to my sister for letting me arrange her whole dining room to take these photos!)