Saturday, November 5, 2016

Toddler Mittens...

I started these in September for my Niece's birthday present. I hoped they wouldn't take too long as her birthday was actually in the month of September. All too often life happens and knitting gets put on the back burner. Well I picked them up again this week and was able to finish them. Hooray and Happy belated birthday to my Niece who can now wear them before it snows.

I used a modified version of this pattern: the Margot Mittens on Ravelry

My first attempt was a bit too small and the thumb was way too skinny & long. So I looked at this pattern to help me adjust it ever so slightly to make the corrections: Grammy's Mittens on Ravelry

The cord is just an i-cord and I picked up stitches from the first glove to start it and then cast on stitches for the second glove so that it was one continuous strand of yard. Hopefully it's strong enough not to break at the hands of my niece.

Now to try them on her and hope they actually fit this time!

Monday, September 12, 2016

A new winter hat

My youngest occasionally gets the short end of the straw when it comes to handmade items. He gets hand-me-down handmade things that I at one point made for his big brother. Well, in an attempt to rectify the situation, I started knitting him a new hat. He got to tell me exactly how he'd like to to look and feel. I was able to make him smile big time with this new hat:

I used this pattern on Instead of an icord cast on, I tried my hand at a provisional cast on. I also switched it from being fully lined to only lined around his ears like a ear muff or headband (similar to this hat pattern).

He was so excited he didn't want to take it off, even though it was a warm summer evening. His dad finally convinced him to take it off because I wanted a picture of the inside of his new hat.

So happy when projects work and make my kids smile!

Monday, August 29, 2016

A new skirt for myself

I bought this fabric a while ago from I love that web site and always get sucked into all the beautifully designed fabric.They happened to have a huge sale on modern Jersey knit fabric which is usually $26.50 a yard (eek). I got mine yard for half off. But it was so pretty I had no idea what I should do with it. I recently went shopping and found a simple skirt that I now love. I used it for a pattern to make another this this wonderful fabric.

I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. I enjoy the softness and the stretch that it has.

Now I'm thinking I need more Spoonflower modern jersey knit fabric to make a few more.

Thanks to my 8 year old for taking these photos. He listened to my directions and did a pretty great job. I might need to hire him more often!

Monday, August 22, 2016

A scrunchy hat

I love making things for people. My kids are usually the recipients of my handmade goodies. But my husband has been saying he'd love for me to knit him a hat. I love that he would wear something made by me, even if my projects occasionally turn out a little quirky.

My husband's not one to take pictures and this hat has been down for a while now, so I asked my son if he wouldn't mind modeling it for me so I could blog about it.

I know my husband would have eventually and he is actually excited to wear it once the weather turns a little colder.

He asked for a scrunchy hat. I wasn't sure I knew exactly what he wanted, so we looked at pictures until I got the idea. Then he was patient enough for me to measure and test it out on his head several times before getting it just the right size.

I didn't follow a pattern but made it up as I went. I'm glad it actually looks lovely and didn't end up with any quirks. 

Here's what I wrote down for my pattern. I used a 16" circular needle, US size 4

-Cast on 176 stitches
-Create 44 ribs: *K4 P4* repeat ribbing pattern in the round till it measures 1 1/2" from cast on
-Knit all rounds till it measures 8 1/2" from cast on
-Start Decrease: place four markers equally (every 44 stitches)
K next round to 2 stitches before the first Beginning of Round (BOR) marker
        Round one: *K2 together, slip marker, SSK- knit to 2 stitches before next maker*
        Round two: Knit round until 2 stitches before BOR marker

-Repeat Round one & two decrease. Switch to double pointed needles when needed. Continue decrease till 6 stitches between each marker remain. K2 together every round till only 8 stitches remain total. Cut tail and finish.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Yoga Pants

My 8 year old son loves all things comfy, soft and cozy. He almost never wears jeans, even though he has a drawer full of unworn jeans in a variety of colors. It was my goal before school starts to either buy or make him some new pants to wear so we could stop fighting about appropriate public attire.

I found some soft knit fabric and decided to make a pair of pants using a comfy pair I knew he liked wearing. Of course, my first attempt didn't work out quite as I had planned. They ended up a bit skinnier than I hoped and a little wonky with the red cuffs. I even broke my double needle just before finishing so I had to improvise with a single needle in my machine.

Thankfully my son saw them, slipped them on and announced they were perfect. He said they were like yoga pants and decided his favorite part was the red cuffs. Who would have thought... a compliment from him is a rare occasion these days!

Monday, August 8, 2016

New Pants for my Bunny Loving 8 year old

My oldest is obsessed with bunnies. He reads about them, talks about them, and really, really wants to own one. I'm not ready for that kind of commitment but I did agree to make clothes with bunnies on them. Finding bunny fabric was actually slightly easier than I thought it would be. There's a lot of bunny fabric online, but locally we had to hunt for it. Eventually we found a few fabrics that met his exacting standards. (no foxes cause they eat bunnies. No other animal can be on the fabric if that animal also eats bunnies. Pink is his favorite color but he would consider other colors if the bunny was super cute or the fabric was really soft.)

I think I did pretty good. Four new pair of pants and three of them have bunnies on them. The first pair is a flannel (super soft fabric) with bunnies on a grey background.

Then my sister helped me find this mint bunny fabric and I added the coral pinstripe down the side. (I wasn't planning on the pinstripe but I didn't buy enough fabric and had to make what I had wider to fit the pattern.)

My favorite pair are these blue bunny pants with Jackalope knee patches. He saw these ones and excitedly screamed out "I didn't know these had JACKALOPES on them!! I love them." (to which my heart melted cause I knew they weren't his favorite color but secretly hoped he'd still love them like I did.)

Lastly, these don't have bunnies but they do have lots of pink on them. It's a pink cardboard city fabric with a grey pinstripe. He told me he liked them because they were pink, but also because he could copy the way they build the cardboard city to make one his size to go into. (Just as soon as we save up enough cardboard.)

I think he's pretty happy with all my hard work. I made them a skinny size 9 using the parsley pant pattern by Rae. I added an extra 2" to the bottom of the pattern thinking I'd be able to hem them twice and let them down when he grew taller. Unfortunately they fit him to a T with just one hem. I'm just hoping he doesn't grow too fast.

Monday, April 25, 2016

More Hats...cause they're quick

My Sister asked if I could knit a few Pointy elf Hats for her. She wanted them for gifts to friends of hers who would soon have babies. We went to the craft store one evening and gathered the right amount of yarn. It didn't take too long and the yarn magically turned into five pointy elf hats.

Well I wish it was magic, but when I'm knitting with size 13 needles these do tend to go rather quickly compared to my current project that I'm knitting with size 4 needles. 

I love the color in the multicolored yarn and that it made stripes. I've never knit with multicolored yard before because I feel it's a little less predictable than solid color, but it turned out fun. 

The purple hats I played around with patterns. I liked this last pattern quite a bit. I think I'll use it again in the future. I hope all those small heads enjoy their new hats!