Monday, April 25, 2016

More Hats...cause they're quick

My Sister asked if I could knit a few Pointy elf Hats for her. She wanted them for gifts to friends of hers who would soon have babies. We went to the craft store one evening and gathered the right amount of yarn. It didn't take too long and the yarn magically turned into five pointy elf hats.

Well I wish it was magic, but when I'm knitting with size 13 needles these do tend to go rather quickly compared to my current project that I'm knitting with size 4 needles. 

I love the color in the multicolored yarn and that it made stripes. I've never knit with multicolored yard before because I feel it's a little less predictable than solid color, but it turned out fun. 

The purple hats I played around with patterns. I liked this last pattern quite a bit. I think I'll use it again in the future. I hope all those small heads enjoy their new hats!

Monday, January 11, 2016

A Cat hoodie for a friend

I've been learning how to make friends from my two sons. It is really as simple as just saying "hi". So this past year I made some new friends, both young and old. My friend E is currently 5 1/2 years old. She reminds me a lot of my older son. They have a lot of similar personality traits. Perhaps that's why we've connected so well with her family. Her mom and I have become good friends and I'm lucky to know them all.

Well, just before Christmas I was out shopping and I happened to find cat fabric. I actually found quite a LOT of cat fabric of varying styles and prints. My friend E loves cats, so I couldn't resist buying a little bit of bold cat fabric to make her something. I started by pairing it with some purple fabric I had in my stash to make her a hoodie.

Then because there was just enough left over, I attempted to make a cat print skirt. It was going to be a little short, so I added a purple waistband to hold the elastic and add length.

I gave it to her just before Christmas. Although her initial reaction was that she couldn't have cared less (my typical reaction to things sometimes- so I get it), her mom later sent me these photos of her loving it. Hooray. Cat outfit complete!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Blank Books for school

I go into my kids school about once a week to help out in various classrooms. I enjoy helping the teachers with projects they have: cutting, organizing, sorting things. My son's teacher from last year has become a good friend of mine and I probably help her out the most. She had me organizing her paper cupboard one day and I found a bunch of colorful paper. It had printing on half the sheet so it was no longer a blank sheet. It was getting close to Christmas so I asked if I could take the paper home to make each of her students books as a present. She said that would be perfect because they would soon be writing their own stories.

I started folding and sorting the books right away. After a weekend of hand sewing them together, I had 25 colorful books to give back to the class. I love these easy handmade story books and can't wait to see some of the stories the kids fill them with.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Scrappy Hat

I started to knit a sweater in October. It was on size 4 needles, which take forever to make progress. I finally made it to the armpits (knitting from the top down) and decided I better try it on to see if it fit right. NOPE... it was a little too small and had made a pretty big mistake reading the pattern. Time to give up... for now.

To make myself feel better, I grabbed all my chunky yarn and a set of big size 13 needles. I whipped a colorful pointy Elf Hat in just a few hours. Whew- something completed. That always feels nice.


I personally didn't love it, but my son told me it was "the best hat in the whole world!". We decided to give it to his art teacher at school for her little boy. She loved it and that makes me happy.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Colorful Pants...

Last post about my cousins fabric... promise. I just couldn't send her a package with a bunch of stuff of her youngest without finding at least one thing to make for her oldest. Since he and my oldest are only a year apart and close to the same size, I knew what size to make. I had to make what fabric I did have large enough to cut out the pattern, which is why there's extra wide "pin strips" down the sides of the pants. But I kind of really like them that way.

I made sure to add pockets for him, cause colorful pants need fun pockets. 

Then I asked my son to try them on. They're big on him, so I'm hoping they'll be just right for my cousin's oldest. I love the colors and the super comfy flannel fabric. Here's to fun, bold, exciting new Pants.

Monday, November 30, 2015

A Train Backpack

Another project from the fabric my cousin gave me. I wanted to use the fabric for stuff to send back to her. It's free crafting time for me and fun gifts to send back to her- a win, win in my book!

Since I figured her two year old didn't need a hundred Pj Pants, I'd make a little Backpack out of the train fabric. I didn't feel like making a front pocket for this one, mostly because I haven't liked how they've turned out in the past. So I stayed pretty simple with the design. The backpack might be a little big on a two year old, but at least it's not too small. I paid my kindergartner to model it for me to see the size on him.

The inside is a robot/ train fabric. 

I think the straps are a little long and I didn't end up making them adjustable. I'm awfully excited about how cute it is. I just hope it fits him and is functional as well.

Monday, November 23, 2015

My youngest is off to Kindergarten

With my youngest off to all day kindergarten, I have a lot more time on my hands. I like to go into the school to help teachers out with their misc projects so they can focus on the kids or getting home at a decent time. Some of their projects involve a little craftiness. But mostly it's my stay at home days where I can really get crafting. I've even been able to finish a whole project, start to finish, before kids get off the bus in the afternoons. Exciting.

Here's a few I've finished lately. All the fabric I recieved from my cousin and I decided to make stuff to send back to her. First up a train Pillow since her youngest REALLY loves trains.

Then I made a fun blue flannel color block pillow. Here's the front and the back sides (same pillow).

It's always nice to have a few gift bags or bags to collect random kids stuff into. So I made two adorable raccoon bags. One to send to my cousin and one to keep for myself (cause it really is too cute).

A bigger Train gift bag or toy storage solution.

Another couple short fat gift bags... They're an easy project what can I say. (The orange bag is from my fabric stash, just couldn't resist making a few extra bags for myself while I was crafting).

And a couple train Pj pants with fun knee patches. I totally hope her son LOVES them as much or more than I do.

I made a few more things with the Fabric my cousin gave me... but I'll share those another day.